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At Midwest Vending we are continually updating our equipment with the latest technology and trends to offer customers the best service, convenience and value. Here are several of the innovative vending technologies we offer:

Remote Monitoring
We are continually in touch with your machines by remotely tracking, managing and improving operations remotely. As a result, we are often aware of maintenance issues and are able to resolve them before our customers even notice a problem.

Wireless Inventory Tracking
Take the guesswork out of vending! We track sales and inventory levels and then provide regular reports with recommendations to help you maximize your menu and profits. Once an order is placed our drivers will deliver what you need.

Credit, Debit, Cash & More
Midwest Vending allows your customers to pay the way they want with credit cards, cash, Apple Pay and more. We often develop custom solutions to incorporate existing campus payment methods, or tie payments to IDs and payroll deduction systems through ADP. We also offer US Connect where customers can receive exclusive offers and rewards for purchases. Click here to see this month’s promotions. Midwest Vending is willing to work with you to find the best payment solutions for your needs.

Survey Capabilities
We can conduct a survey, through SurveyMonkey, to learn what your consumers want and need before installation, ensuring customer satisfaction from day one.

ADA Compliant Machines
We offer vending technology for all customers that is compliant with American Disability Act requirements.

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